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Private Tours in Lisbon


Tour of Lisbon, a perfect tour for those who really want to know and understand the city and its successive changes, with the permanence of different civilizations from the Romans to the Arabs, not to mention the great earthquake.

Lisbon, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful European cities, where the perfume of its “designer” shops mix with the human warmth of the places that work here and make the city its point of life. To know this city is to travel in time, always in a comfortable way, and where in any corner is something to discover, without forgetting its delicacies, like the Pastel de Belém.

Castelo de São Jorge in Lisbon is one of the oldest buildings, having the beginning of its construction in the sec. V, according to legend, Lisbon was founded by Ulysses, king of Ithaca, and hero of the epic poem of Homer, the Odyssey, who called it Olissipo, which means sympathetic port, when the Romans here came to call it Olissipona, they built in it temples, aqueducts, baths and a necropolis under what is today the Praça de Figueira. In the 8th century Lisbon, conquered by the Muslims of North Africa and the Middle East the Moors, who built mosques in the same place where once there were Roman temples and still a wall known as the Moura Fence, which still today can be found vestiges.

At the end of the day we want you to arrive at your hotel feeling like a real “alfacinha”, besides visiting the most important points, understand the city and the contribution of the various civilizations that have passed there.




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200 two person price
  • 2 to 8 people packages
  • Duration 9 hours

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Itinerantmorning was born from Oceânica Turismo, a receptive tourism company that operates in Rio de Janeiro since 2002.
In order to expand its activities in Lusitanian lands, we brought our experience to Portugal and through tourism, to show tourists what is best.

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