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Private Tours in Sintra, Lisbon
Private Tours in Sintra, Lisbon
Private Tours in Sintra, Lisbon
Private Tours in Sintra, Lisbon
Private Tours in Sintra, Lisbon


Sintra, the Moon Hill, is one of those places full of magic and mystery where nature and man combine in a symbiosis so perfect that was classified by UNESCO as World Heritage. Take a stroll through the mysterious Pena Park (entrance included), with a surprising variety of trees and plants. Feel like a king upon entering the romantic National Palace of Pena (entrance included) at the top of Sintra mountain, with stunning views of a Moorish castle. This palace was built by Dom Fernando II, a romantic king, an artistic king, an intellectual.

Have lunch in the village of Sintra and do not miss the opportunity to try the delicious traditional pastries of this village: the Pillows and the Queijada. You will still have some time to visit the National Palace of Sintra (entrance not included). Visiting Quinta da Regaleira (after lunch) is like traveling in an imaginary universe full of symbols and metaphors that connect with concrete. There is always a sign of something intense, transcendent and mysterious. Enjoy this last visit (ticket included) before returning to Lisbon.


  • Price per person € 85
  • Children under 12 years old (seat or baby seat is compulsory) € 42.50


  • Accredited Guide
  • Tickets for the Park and Palace of Pena
  • Ticket for the Quinta da Regaleira
  • Transportation in comfortable vehicles with air conditioning


  • Lunch
  • Guided tour inside the monuments

Tour's Location



85 price per person
  • Children under 12 years old (seat or baby seat is compulsory): € 42.50
  • Duration 8 hours

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Itinerantmorning was born from Oceânica Turismo, a receptive tourism company that operates in Rio de Janeiro since 2002.
In order to expand its activities in Lusitanian lands, we brought our experience to Portugal and through tourism, to show tourists what is best.

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